Great White Shark

Great White Shark is a cross between Super Skunk, South American Sativa, and South Indian Sativa, it’s 25% Sativa and 75% Indica. It has 16% THC and is low on CBD. From my personal experience, it has an uplifting high, it feels stronger than the 16% THC level suggests, goes well with a few beers. It has crystal white buds, a citrus-like smell and its leaves are light green. It has a medium plant height and can be grown both indoors and out.

The reason that I’m growing this strain is mainly because I grew this one in the past, it’s also an easy strain to grow, a good one to start out with. Great White Shark has a flowering time of between 56 and 70 days. During my grow I decided on a 65-day flowering period.

When researching this strain on the internet I noticed that there are a number for websites that have mentioned differences in the origins and qualities of GWS, I am going with what my seed supplier has on their web site. I actually noticed that the store I buy my pot from has a strain called Great White Shark that is low on THC (about 7%) and is high on CBD (about 13%). Exact same name but entirely different pot, not sure what that’s about, but that’s OK, the growing of one or the other should be similar.