IBA Rooting Hormone (Indole-3-butyric acid)

During vegetative growth of the Great White Shark strain, I added small amounts of IBA Rooting Hormone during watering. IBA is usually used during cloning, it helps new cuttings develop roots, it also seems to help develop roots when added directly to soil. The IBA I used was not water-soluble, but it seems to have worked well enough. It’s available in the store section of this site.

Having well-developed roots is a very important part of growing marijuana. The bigger the root mass the bigger the yield.

I stopped using IBA during flowering (day 55 GWS grow), however with future grows I will continue using rooting hormone until harvest, marijuana root growth slows down during flowering, but IBA should still be useful.

Don’t over-do it with IBA it may burn your roots, adding too much to soil may also cause issues with PH.